Therapy, Training, Assessment & Resources:


Licensed in 1987 as a Marriage, Family & Child Counselor (MFCC), I continue to provide psychotherapy to a wide range of clients in my office. Although I have provided services in a number of milieu treatment settings with various populations - forensic, adolescent, severely psychotic and other emotional disturbances - I am primarily interested now in helping those who come to my office struggling to adapt to the everyday world. This does not exclude individuals who might have been hospitalized, are taking psychotropic mediations, are adolescent, or even have a criminal history. In fact, with regard to medications, if both the client and I agree that a medication consult might be helpful, I will offer a referral for a medical consult. In addition to dealing with any of the more common emotional, lifestyle and relationship problems listed in my introduction here, I repeat that I also work with addictions, especially drug and alcohol dependency. Please visit my addiction page for services offered in that special area.

In my office, I work a lot with individuals and couples. I enjoy both. Depending on circumstances, it sometimes happens that you and I agree that you would be best served if your partner joins us for a session or two, if they and you are interested. I'm open to this possibility, regularly use this model, and have gotten good results. To add, I have worked a lot with families (particularly in the context of drug and alcohol use). Working with the entire family can be exciting and helpful work. And over the years, I have run numerous therapy groups:  process, meditation, Gestalt drop-in, forensic, teen, and others. Sharing your thoughts and feelings, learning you are not alone and getting additional support can be extraordinarily helpful. I will develop groups as needs arise.


Through The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), the Bay Area Gestalt Institute (BAGI), and The Center for Mindful Psychotherapy, I have offered supervision in Gestalt Therapy and lectured at both BAGI & CIIS on Gestalt Therapy. I continue to work with interns and remain interested in conveying my understanding of Gestalt Therapy on an in-depth level that includes studies in phenomenology, hermeneutics, psychoanalysis and foundational Gestalt theory. Though not didactic as such, I also offer "training analyses" to students needing to fulfill their personal therapy requirement mandated by their graduate program. If you work in the field of counseling and are interested in any of these services, feel free to contact me.


At both the master's and doctoral level, I trained in cognitive, personality and neuropsychological assessment and report writing. One of my doctoral internships involved offering a battery of assessments to individuals stressed in the workplace and then writing their psychological report. For three years beyond what was required, I continued to write evaluations for this agency. Moreover, as an undergraduate, I interned at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco (now UCSF) where I evaluated the well-known Rorschach Inkblot Test for "ego boundaries" under Dr. Marshall Bush. At the post-doctoral level, I increased my knowledge by earning a certificate in neuropsychological assessment from UC Berkeley's extension program. Most recently, I further honed my skills by focusing on the assessment of "co-occurring disorders" - i.e., personality dysfunction with chemical dependency - through study at California State University, East Bay and UC Berkeley Extension. As a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), I continue to offer assessments of individuals testing positive for illicit chemical use while operating a licensed vehicle that is a violation of the rules and regulations established by the Department of Transportation (DOT). I offer that service to those in need. 



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